How To

Chin Keyboard/Fonts intsall

1.Download links kha hmet
2.File, Download kha thim
4.Extract All
6.Install. Mah hnu khan cun Run,Yes, an si ko lai .

2. File, Download


4.Extract All



Android Phone/Tablet Pawl Caah  Dictionary
A khumh ningcang by Ram Cung
*** Na Android devices khan mah wesite hi ong law a cunglei links pahnih kha download tuah hna.
1. Install WrodMate.apk
2. Open WordMate program and exit WordMate
3. Install ChinDictionary.apk
4. Open ChinDictionary program and exit ChinDictionary
*** WordMate is a dictionary program, ChinDictionary is add on for Chin-Eng, Eng-Chin, Eng-Bur, after finish install, you can delete ChinDictioanry.
***Dictionary cu WordMate khan on a si lai.

A tanglei ah video in zeitin install tuah ning zoh khawh si.

Kai Lawm
C Bawi Ceu Mang
Lansing, MI, USA

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  1. Mac Computer caah tah na kan tuah piak kho lai maw?